GraphiCal 1.8.1

GraphiCal is a highly configurable graphics calculator whichdisplays...

GraphiCal is a highly configurable graphics calculator whichdisplays graphical representations of expressions and formulasand lets you visualize parameter changes as video clips.

Features Running under Windows9x / ME , Windows NT/2000 Parametric curve definitions in cartesianform (x(t) , y(t)) or polar form (phi(t) , r(t)) GraphiCal can create video clips (AVI-files)from your expressions and show them `in-place` using abuilt-in media player.

This allows you to study effectsof parameter changes in a very intuitive way User-friendly graphics with many toolsusing DynaPlot chart control More than 50 built-in mathematicalfunctions Advanced functions like integration, rootfinding and extremum finding Decimal, hexadecimal and binary numberformats Easy access for everyday`s tasks: Installsan icon in the system tray Programmable: Any number of user-definedvariables and user-defined functions DLL programming interfaces for VB and VClet you add your own code Fast.

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